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Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital

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Guangzhou Overseas Chinese Hospital, the First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University

Chinese People's Liberation Army General Hospital

Tangdu Hospital, Fourth Military Medical University

Shenzhen Children's Hospital

Guizhou Second People's Hospital

Xiangya Second Hospital affiliated to Central South University of Hunan Province

DIDA Doctor

Doctors designed a scientific circuit through Magnetic Flux Density Simulation to generate a magnetic field of 40,000 Gauss to maximize kinetic energy. Regardless of men, women and children, sound waves can be used to exercise more effectively without any pressure on joints, ligaments and tendons. From children to elderly people with limited mobility, everyone can use it. The effects of sonic vibrational motion include strengthening muscles, increasing bone density, promoting growth hormone secretion, improving blood circulation and lymph circulation, and improving posture and balance. For smooth blood pressure, osteoporosis, cervical spondylosis, low back pain, frozen shoulder, quick effect.

Whole Body Vibration Training (WBV) is a passive exercise applied to physical therapy rehabilitation and health care. Its greatest feature is the ability to achieve maximum results with less load, prevent and treat osteoporosis and arthritis, clear blood vessels, activate cells, and promote Energy metabolism, stimulating the brain, improving muscle strength and motor function, and regulating the body's meridian system have unique effects.

Technology Leads Health

Sonic vibration technology in a vertical transmission

Vibrating motion stimulation through different postures, angles, frequencies and intensities

Different muscles of the human body, nerve skeletal

Intelligent operation control system

Independent original design and development of intelligent technology

Easy to use, accurate body setting

Time adjustment, intensity adjustment, temperature adjustment, position adjustment

Back energy stone

Focus on product quality, program creative design and later craftsmanship

Promote circulation in the body and increase rare non-metallic minerals

Natural Solid Wood

eliminating body fungus

Bacterial infection

Far infrared

The basis of infrared therapy is the warming effect

Shujin active, analgesic and anti-inflammatory

Delay aging and prevent urinary system diseases

Foot energy stone

The bottom of the energy stone

Conducive to blood circulation in the sole

DIDA doctor

Acoustic vibration blood physiotherapy instrument

Acoustic vibrating blood gas physiotherapy instrument

use Sound wave rhythm + far infrared + Energy Stone + Natural wood , through the integration of patented innovation technology, promote interaction and integration, form a bio-energy field beneficial to human health in the physiotherapy box, and maximize the overall physiotherapy effect. 【   National invention patent number: 201810843405.X  

Vertical rhythm

1. Introduction of whole body aerobic vertical vibration training

The origin of whole body vertical rhythm training:

1970   Soviet scientists train space station astronauts with vertical motion devices

in 1980   Expanded to train athletes

1990   Applied in the field of medical rehabilitation

It has been popular in Europe, America and Japan.

   For the human body, vertical training, exercise, and rehabilitation are the most natural, safe, effective, and fast ways to drive the vertical vibration stimulation force directly through the disk surface with sinusoidal speed and acceleration without increasing the cardiopulmonary load. Up and down rhythm, when vertical vibration waves are moved to your body, stimulating every part of your body, from your cells, blood vessels, nervous system, to your internal organs and muscles and bones, and with the effect of deep massage 100% sports training for the whole body.

   Effects of whole body aerobic acoustic vibration training on activation of specific muscle groups at different vibration frequencies

Clinical studies have shown that whole body vibration training can effectively enhance the maximum strength, explosiveness and endurance of the lower back and lower limb muscles of the elderly. Tihanyi et al found that after the whole body vibration training, the muscle strength of the quadriceps and the equal contraction increased by 36.2% and 22.2%, respectively, and the surface myoelectric amplitude increased by 44.9%, suggesting that the whole body vibration can activate the quadriceps quickly. Whole body vibration training can also prevent and treat muscle atrophy caused by prolonged bed rest or braking. Belavy et al found that 19-26 Hz, 3.5-4 mm amplitude whole body vibration training can alleviate lumbar spine dysfunction caused by prolonged bed rest. The meta-analysis based on systematic evaluation showed that the whole body vibration training significantly enhanced the knee extension and lower limb motor function such as jumping height and the standing-walking test results.

Second, the mechanism of whole body vibration training for the treatment of osteoporosis - bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells

The stress generated by mechanical vibration acts indirectly on the bone tissue directly or through the squeezing force and shearing force generated by muscle conduction. When the local effective mechanical stress is sufficient to cause deformation of the bone tissue, the bone tissue-osteoblast can be stimulated. Active, inhibits the osteolysis process, thereby promoting an increase in bone density.



Professor Wu Shen of the University of Hawaii School of Medicine said after years of research: "The melody of music, the frequency of sound, and the energy of sound waves can regulate the different circulatory systems of the human body and promote the recovery of health and disease. ”

   The magical power of the human body, nitric oxide (NO)

Stimulate vascular endothelial cell tissue to produce nitric oxide through whole body vertical motion

   The whole body vertical movement is a physical method that allows the body to move up and down in a non-invasive manner (like skipping and external training). It is a passively induced active exercise that makes the body muscles Tissue relaxation, vasodilation, and accelerated blood produce pulsating (moderately moderate) shear that stimulates the release of nitric oxide (NO) from vascular endothelial cells.

Although the whole body aerobic vertical vibration training is a passive exercise, the effect is not worse than the active aerobic exercise, which not only increases muscle strength, explosiveness, elasticity and softness, but also improves heart and lung function. Cardiopulmonary function includes respiratory oxygen. The exchange of heart functions includes the exchange of respiratory oxygen, the ability of the heart to fight blood, the oxygen concentration in the blood vessels and the ability to circulate blood. The effective secret of whole body aerobic vertical vibration training is because it increases the concentration of nitric oxide in the blood, while nitric oxide can relax the central and peripheral blood vessels and the sinus node of the heart, lowering blood pressure and heartbeat, and vertical rhythm can increase blood. Fiber lysis ability, reducing blood clots and embolism, can reduce cerebral stroke or myocardial embolism diseases such as blood vessel thrombosis or embolism. Therefore, the whole body vertical vibration training can improve cardiovascular function, can be prevented for those who do not use cardiovascular disease, can reduce the injury and recurrence for those who have cardiovascular disease, and can be used as the best adjuvant therapy with drugs and other treatments.

    Theoretical basis for clinical application of vertical sonic vibration training
    Cardiopulmonary disease (respiratory cycle metabolism)

  •     ◈ 1. Systemic aerobic rhythm - nitric oxide
  •     ◈ 2. Improve the patient's heart and lung function  
  •     ◈ 3. Reduce the hardness of the arterial wall  
  •     ◈ 4. Peripheral blood circulation  
  •     ◈ 5. Reduce blood vessel thrombosis or infarction 
  •     ◈ 6. Reduce vascular pressure

Music is Everywhere

Somatosensory vibration music therapy

Custom ic design

Through the "body-aware music" method, the low-frequency signal of music is physically converted into vibration, and the bone and nerve conduction can activate the brain center in a short time, so that people can quickly obtain high-quality body and mind. Pleasure and relaxation. Combined with super-reflective brain magnetic therapy, the depression of stroke patients can be significantly improved, the quality of sleep of patients is improved, and the daily living ability of patients with depression after stroke has been significantly improved, showing that comprehensive treatment is superior and can be clinically Promote the application.

The principle of music therapy: music vibration and human cells harmonious resonance

Perhaps you also have such experience. Listening to certain songs is particularly comfortable, and listening to certain songs is particularly annoying. This is the high and low undulating sound wave frequency throughout the body, the audio and the body resonate, play the role.
It has been scientifically determined that human cells have their own vibrational frequencies, and small vibrations are carried out all the time, especially in the heart, brain, gastrointestinal, etc. The whole body cells dance according to the three major melodies of the nervous system, transportation and transmission system, and metabolic system, and echo each other to form a chorus of human vibration. With the daily rotation of the earth, the monthly gravity of the moon becomes larger, and the sun is every season. The resulting exchange of seasons and the appropriate micro-adjustment, such complex frequency changes, are also known as "natural harmony laws."

When we realize that stress plays an important role in physiological diseases, even if it does not play a role in all mentally ill diseases, the future beauty of this ancient modern music is conceivable. For example, headaches and sleep disorders can often be attributed to stress, stress-relieving music prescriptions, and cure success rates are on average over 90%.
With the help of resonant music, many gynaecological problems, various cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases and skin problems can be improved or completely solved. In the scientific objective parameters, the level of stress hormones was significantly reduced (epinephrine, adrenocorticotropic hormone, cortisol), and the same phenomenon was seen in obstetrics and gynecology. Harmony music balance hormone levels are used in patients with threatened abortion, and attention and short-term memory are enhanced in patients with cerebral vascular atherosclerosis. There is also a significant effect in reducing the treatment of patients in continuous hospitalization.


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经过美国佛罗里达州大学的硕士Ryan Gild的研究,经过6周的全身垂直律动,与对照组相比,研究发现:

The resting blood pressure decreased significantly, the systolic blood pressure decreased by 8 mmHg, and the diastolic blood pressure decreased by 4 mmHg;
The heartbeat speed is significantly reduced during exercise, less than 7mmHg per minute;
Reduced systolic blood pressure during exercise by 5mmHg
Mean arterial pressure decreased, reducing 7mmH
Increase Bone Density
Blood Circulation
Sleep Improvement
Female care
Joints Protection
Music Therapy

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Mainly static

Multi-frequency passive exercise of muscles above the calf, prevention and treatment of muscle atrophy, muscle weakness, etc.

Upper limb movement

Promotes systemic blood circulation, prevents venous thrombosis of lower extremities and orthostatic hypotension

Enhance physical fitness

Through passive exercise, increase the body's oxygen consumption, improve heart and lung function, and prevent respiratory diseases.

External device

Through far-infrared hyperthermia, foot and back tourmaline, red cedar box and other vibrating motion treatments simultaneously, effectively improve blood circulation, lymph circulation, body bacterial fungal infection, etc.