Whole body vibration catalog

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Direct stimulation : In the implementation, the vibrator is placed directly on the muscle belly or tendon, and the vibrator is fixed by hand or rubber band. As early as the 1960s, some scholars used a small round-shaped vibrator to place on the muscle abdomen or tendon to induce tensional vibrational reflections in the body [3], for example: Hagbarth and Eklund (1966). Vibration stimulation of patients with hemiplegia, it is found that vibration stimulation can activate the proprioceptors of muscles, reflexively causing contraction of muscles that are involuntarily contracted, and electrophysiologically define this reflection as Tonic vibration reflx (TVR).

Indirect stimulation :  The vibrator is placed at the remote end of the muscle group to be trained, and the vibration wave is transmitted to the muscle group to be trained through the body, for example, standing on a platform that vibrates up and down to perform a kneeling motion, the whole body vibration training It is an indirect training for the quadriceps. This systemic vibration training device is a vibrator that is placed on the ground and can stand on both feet or one foot to vibrate the whole body. Various vibration trainers are currently of this type, such as: Nemes Bosco system (Italy), Power-Plate (USA), Galileo-900/2000 (Germany), Pneu-Vibe Pro, and the like. However, the vibration modes of these products are either single-dimensional vibration products that are vertically vibrating up or down or with the intermediate shaft as the axis of rotation, that is, a regular sinusoidal vibration mode. In 2004, a SRT product (Germany) with three-dimensional random combination vibrations appeared, breaking the previous vertical sinusoidal vibration mode [4].

The application of vibration training and its effect

The whole body vibration training method, as a kind of strength training method for adding vibration stimulation in competitive sports, is embodied in mobilizing more muscle fibers to participate in work with relatively small load, so that the muscle contraction strength is obviously improved. However, at present, the experience of using vibration stimulation for strength training in China is still insufficient. Scientific and mature training programs are still to be discussed, especially the best training intensity, vibration frequency and amplitude. These aspects require the research and discussion of the majority of scientific research workers, and form a scientific and complete effective vibration strength training system in theory and practice.

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